About Us

African Butter EssentialsTM  is a privately black owned company, founded and managed by two South African Women. Currently consisting of a team of 4 permanent employees and 5 part time employees, ensuring the success of production and efficiency of distribution of our products. African Butter Essentials locally manufactures quality cosmetic products designed to provide effective skin solutions for Men, Women and Children. Our products are available all over South African , Parts of Namibia and Swaziland. Currently supplying a number of pharmacies and beauty shops and with over 100 Distribution Agents, African Butter Essentials is looking forward to expanding to bigger retailers and pharmacies.

About Our Product

African Butter Skin Moisturiser is available in a 250ml tub container or a 250ml squeeze container, it is carefully manufactured using gentle but effective ingredients blended together to a produce a result driven mixture that is aimed to tackle your everyday skin problems.

Our Ingrdients Include

Coconut oil, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Glecerine, Rose byproduct, Vitamine E, Whitch hazel, Carrot oil and Geranium.

Core Values

- Quality -
- Integrity -
- Honesty -
- Ethics -

Social Responsibility

We are passionate about the community development and caring for those who are stuck in poverty, hence we have joint hands with Sakha Isizwe Oraganisation.

Our Vision

To locally manufacture a range of result driven quality skin care products that are suitable for all skin types, aimed to tackle and solve real skin issues. To become one of the leading Cosmetic company on a global scale

Who We Are?

African Butter Essentials is a cosmetic company founded by Nkosingiphile Mbatha and Mbali msweli in 2016. African Butter Essentials aims to provide natural quality products that are suitable for all skin types designed for both men and women. We are driven by our own problems to develop this product with the help of advice from different and people with similar skin problems. Combining the knowledge obtained over the years while trying to tackle own problems, was the birth of African Skin moisturizer. The co founder of African Butter Essentials used African Butter Skin moisturizer for a good 4 years before sampling it out to close family members and friends.

All those who tried African Butter skin moisturizer were seeing results with just one sampled container and after refused to use anything other than African Butter skin moisturizer. Those who had receiver the sample requested to buy African Butter moisturizer for their close friends and family and so the market began. The co-founders of African Butter Saw that there was a gap for affordable quality products that deliver results and started making. African Butter Essential products accessible to the public. African Butter Essentials aims to develop more result driven quality products aimed to target skin problems experience by both men and women, suitable for men, women and kids.


Ncombo reserve, Umhlathuze 3887, South Africa


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