Under the administration of the Kurdish Supreme Committee, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) were created to control the Kurdish inhabited areas in Syria. On 19 July, the YPG captured town of Kobanê, and the following day captured Amûdê and Efrîn. The KNC and PYD afterwards shaped a joint leadership council to run the captured cities. By 24 July, the Syrian Kurdish cities of Dêrika Hemko (Al-Malikiyah), Serê Kaniyê (Ra’s al-‘Ayn), Dirbêsî (Al-Darbasiyah) and Girkê Legê (Al-Ma’bada) had additionally come under the control of the People’s Protection Units.

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Foreign journalists are particularly scrutinized by Syrian authorities. Armed groups in opposition-held areas have injured, kidnapped and killed journalists and other foreigners operating there. The Syrian Arab Armed Forces and other armed groups have additionally detained journalists in Syria.

Two Saudi women were photographed by Thomson Reuters after driving in Riyadh on 22 June. In mid-2011, as Subaru vehicles tend to be marketed heavily in direction of women (in the US), a number of Saudi women groups together with Saudi Women for Driving requested the parent company of Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries, to cease selling motor autos in international locations where women can’t drive. The campaign called for girls to start driving from 17 June 2011. As of 21 May 2011[replace], about 12,000 readers of the Facebook web page had expressed their assist.

Role in economy and within the military

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It was reported that the largest issue dealing with the rebuilding course of is the shortage of constructing material and a necessity to ensure the assets that do exist are managed efficiently. The rebuilding effort have thus far remained at a limited capacity and has often been centered on certain areas of a metropolis, thus ignoring different areas inhabited by disadvantaged people. The battle holds the record for the largest sum ever requested by UN agencies for a single humanitarian emergency, $6.5 billion worth of requests of December 2013. The international humanitarian response to the conflict in Syria is coordinated by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) in accordance with General Assembly Resolution 46/182.

On October 25, Turkish forces additionally attacked the village of Buban. A examine by Metropoll in September 2019 discovered that sixty eight% of Turks disapprove of the current government insurance policies on Syria. The ballot also found that forty seven.5% of Turks see the Free Syrian Army as an “enemy”. Three out of 4 Turks said that Syrian refugees ought to return to Syria “even if the struggle continues”.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)

Turkey and the SOHR reported seven Turkish troopers, one civilian contractor, and thirteen Syrian soldiers were killed. Turkey′s president Erdoğan demanded that Russian forces in Idlib “stand apart”; he nevertheless dismissed the possibility of direct battle with Russia saying Turkey and Russia would speak concerning the issue “with out anger”. On 10 February, Syrian authorities forces shelled a recently-constructed Turkish observation publish at Taftanaz Military Airbase, killing 5 Turkish soldiers, based on the Turkish Defense Ministry. According to the SOHR, six Turkish soldiers and 4 Syrian rebels were killed in the attack.

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As of September 2016, the European Union has reported that there are thirteen.5 million refugees in want of help in the country. Australia is being appealed to rescue greater than 60 women and youngsters stuck in Syria’s Al-Hawl camp ahead of a possible Turkish invasion.

In late September 2017, Syria’s Foreign Minister said that Damascus would think about granting Kurds extra autonomy within the region once ISIL is defeated. In March 2015, the Syrian Information Minister introduced that his government thought of recognizing the Kurdish autonomy “within the legislation and structure”. In December 2019, the EU held an international syrian girls conference which condemned any suppression of the Kurds, and known as for the self-declared Automnomous Administration in Rojava to be preserved and to be reflected in any new Syrian Constitution. The Kurds are involved that the independence of their declared Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES) in Rojava might be severely curtailed.

Statements about additional intentions of Turkish navy action

On 19 August 2014, American journalist James Foley was executed by ISIL, who stated it was in retaliation for the United States operations in Iraq. Foley was kidnapped in Syria in November 2012 by Shabiha militia. ISIL additionally threatened to execute Steven Sotloff, who was kidnapped at the Syrian-Turkish border in August 2013. There have been stories ISIS captured a Japanese national, two Italian nationals, and a Danish national as properly. Sotloff was later executed in September 2014.

Although the variety of women has elevated, there are still ninety 5 women to each 100 men. Although many ladies start going to highschool, the dropout rate for girls is way larger than for men.

“Saudi Arabia, UAE ship troops to assist Kurds in Syria”. On December 30, 2019, over 50 Syrian refugees, including 27 children, had been welcomed in Ireland, where they started afresh in their new temporary homes at the Mosney Accommodation Centre in Co Meath.