What will help to use the resource of longevity


What will help to use the resource of longevity?

9 months ago

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading cardiologist of Russia Yuri Buziashvili said this: “Give me factors that improve blood supply to each organ and do not worsen immunity, and I will build you eternal youth.” What impairs blood circulation?

To penetrate into the capillaries, maintaining normal fluid circulation in the circulatory system and normal pressure in the vessels, to prevent deposits on the walls, water must have high activity, energy saturation. It is this kind of water that works in our body. So, the energy saturation of the water in the capillaries is 212 KJ / mol, and, for example, tap water -40, tea, coffee -0. Active water has more than 270 KJ / mol.

We examined a living drop of blood, which Treinamento is a mirror of the body, 15 minutes after taking active water.

If before water intake the cells were glued together, forming in some places “porridge”, where it was impossible to distinguish individual cells at all, then after the intake blood flow improves. Stagnant zones disappear: dense clusters of cells are destroyed and spread. This helps to improve blood supply and nutrition of organs and tissues and reduces the possibility of cholesterol deposits on the walls. The tendency to thrombosis decreases. Activated white blood cells secrete enzymes that absorb soft (low density) cholesterol.

What impairs immunity?

Indeed, the human immune system, in the form in which it is “conceived” by nature, is super perfect. What prevents her from reliably protecting us?

As you know, the brain, or rather, the hypothalamus, which is located in the middle of the brain, controls all processes in the body. He receives a command from the cerebral cortex, perceiving information, both from the external environment and controlling the situation inside the body. In particular, it analyzes the feeling of thirst and registers the water balance through osmoreceptors.

With a lack of water in the blood, as well as under stress, the brain switches to the “wartime” mode, when it is necessary to get water and nutrition at any cost, the need for which is aggravated in these critical situations. After all, you need to clearly coordinate the work of the body, quickly calculate situations, find accurate and competent solutions for survival.

For this, a cascade of chemical reactions to change the previously balanced production system of certain hormones and transmitters is included. This is the starting point for the disruption of the functioning of all body systems, including the immune system.

One mechanism is excessive cortisol production.

Where can replenish stocks of drying water and nutrients?

Only from the cells of the body itself. For this, during the evolution, such a “simple” and “unpretentious” mechanism of brain conservation was worked out: the hypothalamus stimulates the pituitary gland to produce a hormone that gives the adrenal gland a command to produce cortisol, the main task of which is to destroy the body’s cells to “extract” glucose and water into purposes of nutrition of the brain in conditions of dehydration, stress and other disasters.

Those. tissue breakdown occurs, the body begins to “devour” itself. These are autoimmune diseases. Which – this is someone like “lucky.” Of course, autoimmune diseases do not immediately and not all begin, and chronic dehydration and constant nervous and physical stress need to be brought to this state.

What should everyone be afraid of?

The fact that excessive production of cortisol has very serious consequences for our immune system – its work is suppressed.

Consider this chain of tragic events.

Firstly, the synthesis of special proteins (interleukins) that activate a special type of white blood cells, which is designed to search for foreign harmful agents – bacteria, viruses, toxins, is reduced. This special type of T-lymphocytes (or rather T-helper assistants) is called. These assistants are just at the forefront of the fight against foreign agents, it is they who transmit information about the presence of a stranger (antigen) in the body. If there are fewer T-helpers, our body does not understand well that it is being attacked by “enemies.”

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T-helpers not only recognize the antigen, but also activate the lymphocytes of another population – B-lymphocytes. The task of the latter is to enhance the release of immunoglobulins (antibodies). These are plasma proteins that prevent bacteria, viruses from multiplying, and also neutralize the toxins secreted by them.


Immunoglobulins simply bind to strangers, forming an antigen-antibody complex. Then this complex is destroyed by lymphocytes of special specialization – T-killers (killers), which should also be a certain amount. But their number with excessive synthesis of cortisol also decreases. Excessive secretion of cortisol in conditions of lack of water also suppresses the activity of B cells to reduce excessive inflammatory reactions that can damage the brain. This is one of the protective mechanisms worked out by centuries of evolutionary development.

And, finally, the cells of T-suppressor play the final chord in the victory over the enemy (suppression – suppression). They are urgently needed by the body after the destruction of all antigens, because inhibit the synthesis of immunoglobulins by regulating the strength of the immune response.

Thus, cortisol, reducing the synthesis of interleukins, reduces the production of all T cells of the immune system. We are losing the ability to resist not only seasonal infections, but also more terrible diseases such as oncology.

interferon for the immune system is key

Little of! The action of cortisol inhibits the production of interferon – a protein that is produced by body cells in response to the invasion of a foreign agent, a virus, for example. The interferon produced by the cell does not allow the virus to multiply and reduces its activity. Interferon is also important for the fight against aberrant cells that do not obey the rules of behavior of normal tissues, such as cancer cells. In general, the function of interferon is of key importance to the immune system. It initiates the local release of hydrogen peroxide and ozone, which kill bacteria and cancer cells.

amino acids

Cortisol also reduces the activity of white blood cells with another important goal – to suppress the release of a special protein responsible for thermoregulation. This is necessary to reduce body temperature, which under the conditions of mobilization of the body during stress and dehydration can cause irreparable harm to the brain. Apparently, protecting yourself from overheating the brain is more important than protecting yourself from strangers.

Cortisone helps break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into their original constituents, some of which will be converted to sugar for use by the brain. Ultimately, this process depletes the body’s accumulated reserves of some important amino acids, such as tryptophan, the essential product for the human body in general, and for the immune system in particular. This is one of the most important amino acids.

Now it is important for us that melatonin is made from tryptophan. This hormone is called the regulator of the internal biological clock of a person. It stands out in the dark and improves sleep quality. This hormone acts on the membranes of cells, prevents their mutations and has an immunomodulatory effect. In this regard, it is important to remember that lack of sleep, like dehydration, worsens the functioning of the immune system, as it inhibits the production of melatonin. In addition, melatonin is a serious antioxidant, it prevents the development of many diseases, including oncology.

Another mechanism of the inhibitory effect of dehydration on the immune system is associated with the role of histamine.

“The dehydration that the body perceives as stress leads to the release of too much of this neurotransmitter from the cells that produce it. Cells – producers begin to divide in this case, more cells are formed, more histamine is produced and released. This mechanism was created in order to preserve and intelligently redistribute the available water in the conditions of water shortage according to certain individual priorities, using a unique regulator invented by nature in this case – histamine.

As dehydration occurs, histamine levels increase exponentially … inhibition of the immune system is caused by sustained dehydration. … histamine can suppress the immune system, either directly or indirectly. Struggling with dehydration, histamine limits its own direct effects on the immune system, even at the bone marrow level. This is an absolutely necessary process; otherwise, the participation of histamine in the fight against dehydration could constantly boost the activity of the immune system. If this happens, the protective system may lose effectiveness, which is fraught with the development of lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia.

The mechanism by which excess histamine suppresses the immune system is simple. All white blood cells have histamine receptors. White cells involved in the control mechanisms of the immune system are divided into two large groups. They are called helper cells and suppressive cells.

There are twice as many helper cells in the bone marrow as overwhelming cells. As the name implies Healthy Lifestyle Website: Articles on Exercise, Nutrition, and Useful Habits, the task of the latter is to suppress bone marrow activity. During dehydration, it is they who suppress his activity aimed at satisfying the needs of the immune system. ” *

As you can see, the coordinated, super-perfect work of our immunity in stressful situations and with dehydration is disrupted.

We become less protected against infections.

And, if it is not so easy to avoid stress in the modern world, then each of us can drink enough water on time. It is better that it be active water.

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A study of active waters showed that 15 minutes after their intake, blood liquefies and its fluidity increases. And this not only increases blood flow, improving the functioning of the heart and brain due to stable blood circulation. This is crucial for a good immune system! One could see how, after water intake, the cells of the immune system, leukocytes, are activated.

At the same time, they secrete an enzyme that dissolves “bad” cholesterol! Platelets disintegrate into individual cells. And this is a warning of thrombosis. All cells glued together before water intake are disconnected. And this, according to the claims of medicine, is very important for the prevention of cancer.

That is, active energy-saturated water is not only a substance that we replenish with dehydration!

tryptophan brain

It restores the normal course of processes in the body, initiating the use Dieet voor bodybuilders volgens type grondwet of internal reserves of the body. As a result, the body begins to work itself, only with the use of its huge potential.

What, besides dehydration, actively shortens our life and worsens its quality?

Idleness, both mental and physical

Mental. The physiology of our brain is such that the connections between neurons work smoothly and quickly only when necessary, solve some problems, work and strain. In the absence of employment, the number of neurotransmitters, intermediaries of chemical origin, is reduced, because the balanced process of entry into the brain of the substances necessary for the production of neurotransmitters is disrupted.

And this leads not only to a decrease in intelligence, a decrease in working capacity, sleep disturbance, and increased irritability. This provokes disturbances in the functioning of all systems, primarily the immune system, due to a drop in the number of cells of the immune system of T-lymphocytes (especially T-killers). Which can lead not only to seasonal SARS, but also to the emergence of a wide variety of diseases, including serious ones like oncology.

For example, the lack of tryptophan in the brain disrupts the production of acid in the stomach, lowers the threshold of pain sensitivity, raises blood pressure, which makes it impossible for the whole body to function properly: the kidneys, brain, liver, lungs, digestive system and joints.

“Tryptophan contained in the brain, as well as its by-products in the form of neurotransmitter systems, are responsible for maintaining the“ homeostatic balance of the body. ” The normal level of tryptophan in the brain maintains a balance of all body functions (homeostasis). With a decrease in tryptophan reserves, a proportional decrease in the effectiveness of body functions occurs. ” *

Little of! Tryptophan also plays a significant role in correcting DNA duplication errors. Together with lysine, another amino acid, they form the lysine-tryptophan-lysine tripeptide, which corrects errors that occur when DNA is doubled. This characteristic of tryptophan is of paramount importance in preventing the formation of cancer cells.

By the way, similar processes occur in the body and during dehydration

Physical “There is a direct correlation between walking outdoors and replenishing tryptophan in the brain. There are several amino acids competing for passage through a natural protective barrier to the brain. All of them have to “attach themselves” to the same transport proteins. These competitors of tryptophan are called branched chain amino acids. During exercise, they, along with fats, are used by muscles as fuel. Muscles extract them from the circulating blood. As a result, tryptophan is given the opportunity to freely pass the barrier and enter the brain.

One of the most important physiological reasons for performing physical exercises is a direct correlation between muscle activity and replenishment of tryptophan in the brain. Tryptophan, one of the most important amino acids, is not produced by the body, but comes only with food. Thus, hydration, exercise, and proper nutrition help replenish tryptophan in the brain. ” *

And as a conclusion: how much you use your longevity resource depends largely on yourself! Live an active life, try to eat right, move more, drink at least 2 liters of water – and maybe you will even increase this resource.

* From the book of F. Batmanghelidzh “Water for health.” (Fireidon Batmanghelidzh – MD, a well-known researcher of the effect of water on health).








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