Bomb Lux Zero Mamba – Disposable Vape Flavors

The Bomb Lux Zero Mamba is a portable and lightweight pre-filled disposable vape pod. It comes with a 1200mAh battery and 6.5ml of delicious e-liquid that lasts more than 2800 puffs.

Choose from over 10 flavors to satisfy your unique taste. Flavors like Blue Razz, Black Ice, Lush Ice, Mango Grape Ice, Pineapple Lemonade, Strawberry Melon, and Unicorn are all available to make your experience more satisfying.

0% Nicotine

The 0% nicotine Bomb Lux Zero Mamba is one of the most popular and preferred models by many existing Bomb LUX users. It is a disposable vape that boasts a large battery volume and generous e-liquid capacity and can last for days with a single charge.

This model is designed to appeal to a wide range of users, including ex-smokers who are transitioning from cigarettes to vaping. It is available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors and has a unique flavor profile that is sure to please even the most discerning taste buds.

The 0% nicotine Bomb Lux Zero Mamba features a 1200mAh battery and a 6.5ml pre-filled pod that can provide over 2800 puffs. It is available in 17 delicious and refreshing flavors that will delight your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied.

6.5ml E-Liquid Capacity

Bomb LUX is an affordable disposable vaping device with a generous 6.5ml e-liquid capacity that offers up to 2800 puffs. It’s an ideal device for beginners who enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience, but it also offers power enough to appeal to experienced users.

Each disposable has a 5% (50MG) salt nicotine concentration that provides an accurate cigarette-style throat hit and the sensation of inhaling smoke. This allows you to indulge in your favorite flavors for longer, reducing the need for refills.

Each LUX device comes with a pre-charged battery and a pre-filled pod. A 6.5ml tank is large enough to last most moderate smokers more than a month, even with heavy vaping sessions. The device features a tight draw-activated fire system and sleek design that makes it easy to fit in your pocket or purse.

1200mAh Battery

If you’re an ex-smoker or just starting out as a vaper, Bomb Lux is the best disposable pod to start with. This device comes with a variety of flavors and has an excellent battery life to keep you vaping all day long.

This device has a 1200mAh battery and a 6.5ml pre-filled pod that gives you about 2800 puffs. This is enough for a moderate smoker and even a chain vaper!

The disposable e-cigarette features a draw-activated firing system so it’s easy to use. The device also has a low wattage setting to ensure that the throat hit is smooth and satisfying.

The disposable e-cigarette is free of cancer-causing chemicals and contains only food-grade ingredients. It is also available in different strength levels, including zero nicotine. If the device blinks frequently, it’s time to change the e-liquid or battery. It is also a good idea to replace your coil every few weeks for optimal performance.

Sleek Design

Bomb Lux Zero Mamba disposable pod system is a sleek, stylish e-cigarette with a luxurious feel. It has a simple, compact design that is comfortable to use for beginners but powerful enough to appeal to experienced vapers.

These e-cigarettes come prefilled with a high concentration of vegetable glycerin that offers a smoother taste than traditional cigarettes. They also have a 1200mAh battery that allows you to vape for days on end without having to worry about charging or refilling.

They are available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors. Experience the tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut in our Pina Colada flavor or enjoy a harmonious balance of strawberries and ripe bananas in our Strawberry Banana flavor. Each device has a different color scheme, so you can easily identify which flavor is inside. To ensure authenticity, be sure to check for the scratch-off sticker on the back of each device. If it’s missing, it is most likely fake.

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